Three Volcanoes: Cerro Verde, Izalco, and Santa Ana

I came to the beach to go volcano climbing; Martine will tell you never to believe me when it comes to what kind of hill or how high we are to climb or bicycle. Sadly this was reinforced today when I hiked up the volcano, Santa Ana, thinking that 2285 feet is not too much of a hike...but it was really 2285 meters, equaling 7800 ft. sigh. Moderate difficult was the worst description...2/5 was another for severity. Seems correct compared to our American over inflated sense of what is hard. But, this was the most intense volcano I have ever seen. You had to hike down 600 ft (yes really "feet") and then up, up, up...only two switch backs...

We drop from the Cerro Verde volcan park entrance to below the cinder cone Izalco &

up to the rim of the Santa Ana crater on the right.

I was thankful he was stopping to catch his breath. Completely ok by me.

Mountain goat security officer normally behind me! He just bounded up every chance he could get on the slide paths.

Above and Right Lake Coatepeque and its Wizard Island !

I was so tired all I could say was Italian, Che Bella.

Follow the Yellow Stone Road

Cinder Vocan Izalco, last flowed in 1966 as was seen coming down from Santa Ana (2385 meters).

Hike begins on Volcan Cerro Verde near green box arrow and proceeds downward to left hand road-red path and then goes up-up-up along the red path on the south rim of Volcan Santa Ana to the 5:30 point of view.

The flame marks the tree line.


Below: Red route to the Right-eastward direction is a road ride via truck to east shores of the Lake Coatepeque.


Below is the Volcan Santa Ana & Cerro Verde at the apostrophy tip of the Red route. To the Right is its cousin crater base lake of what is now lake Coatepeque. It looks so similar to our smaller version of Crater Lake in Oregon, USA including its own 'wizard island.'.

Ah down, down down, almost as hard as up, up , to the shores of Lake Coatepeque and some wonderful crab soup and yummy fired herrings.


And three leg cramps later at one am!

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