I traditionally try to have day to day pages so one can be on my shoulder as I travel. But perhaps I am bowing to the notion of Latin American magical realism ability to break time lines. So this page will accumulate more words and images as

the travel continues and reflections occur.

On the way back from la playa Roca Sunzal


Jimi: Do you like to cook?


Z: yes, Martine and I cook together; she is better.


Jimi: My uncle has a place (as we are nearing outskirts of La Libertad). It has several floors. Bottom overhangs the ocean. Great view for eating. You could live here, rent out the other floors. Good restaurant. He would give you a good price. You should move here. Life is better. I know your wife would like it here.

Jimi or Jimmie or Big Bear.

I grew up in the states. I have a big truck driving license..But this is a better life. I have a lot of family around here. MY uncles owns property here in Tunco and my cousin has this restaurant across the street. Good food there; you should try it.


My girlfriend lives between here and Cerro Verde (see where he took me to hike..he taxied me there and helped get me with the right park guides for the full 4 hour hike). We have a little place right down that street as we pass on CA 2 highway.


The CA2 has a good shoulder much like hwy 97 in Oregon through our volcano alley Cascadia. He points out a variety of places he likes. We stop at one place where he helped do the stone work for an ocean bluff restaurant.


What's the health care here? is there midwife to deliver your next child (5 months pregnant is the girlfriend.) Not much. Where are kids born? I don't know, mostly as home. I will go to my mother's in LA. I don't want my kids to be less than others. I will be able to find a truck driving job.



Woman who is part of the coffee picking crew is coming up the long rutted road deep into th 330 acres of Rick's coofee plantatinon. She is a little out of breath. We stop and Rick says a number of things. She says equal number of words. Then she gently pulls off her cap. Small nubs of hairs all soft and even gray color stand like a forest panted all at the same time. Chemo. She speaks cancer in English. And Rick points to his thyroid, stating Tyroid cancer in Spanish. And Ias I recall, it was in 2010 or so when he came to the states to have the cancer removed. And she says Bueno.


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