El Salvador Visits

There is a trail to these two pot bellied sculptures off CA-8 highway. The big stones are made of porphyritic basalt. This is granular composition with some different colors and the light attenuates the colors. The Olmecs are dominantly associated with Mexico, but these two are way south! These two sculptures below are carbon dated between 500 BC and AD 100. Only 8% of all the Olmec basalt stones are in El Salvador. The trail narrows as one gets closer to the protected artwork. Flowers and coffee abounds. And I meet a quiet protector and his dog along the way.

Light plays a role here in the seeing the colors of these large stones. The volcano is always hovering here in this coffee garden. The clouds move in/out every 15 to 20 minutes and gently leave above into the upland country from the moist Pacific. The light goes hard sun, yellow and contrasty to the level Minor White would call light 7 and then the sun veils to that ocean blue turning the stone grey a solid gray with granules of yellow smudges.

Pretty blue petals grace the path back to the highway and my return from the mountainous areas of Santa Leticia, Huizalco, Apaneca, Juayua, through the terminal station at Sonsonate.


The protector shows me another trail which becomes his width footpath back to the highway to catch the bus.


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