The band of white pyroclastic explosive volcanic debris seen in sides of pushed up mountains is so large. It makes our Mazama ash line look like the thickness of an index card. Roads spew up this ash and it covers everything!

Out of Nowhere

We find the playground of multi swimming pools in the middle of truly nowhere and get a guide and his friend to take us to the river! Cue the music.   Let the Hike begin: to the Rio Guaco.

Ah, the end of the trail.

Dehydrated. Hot, And the little store at the amusement park provides us with strawberry sodas, coca cola, water, and a chocolate wafer bar!

El Mozote

The Ruta la Paz (route of peace) takes a sober stop at the town of El Mozote.

In December 1981 more than 800 people were killed in Mozote and the surrounding communities. Children were separated from their mothers, women raped, throats slit and machined gunned. Only one woman, Rufina Amaya Mirquz, survived.  Story of the massacre first appeared in the NYTimes in 1982 and second Washington Post article stating observations of charred skulls and bones.

New road and worker below with construction rivaling the Roman's Appian Way.

The Road home to the Hotel Perkin Lenke

Lovely Smile

despite the Dehydration, Attacked by a cactus...twas quite a day of hiking and sobering honor for those of the El Mozote village.


Our guide to the river lost five relatives in the civil was and is from one town away, Arambala.

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