The sensual aspect of El Salvador can start in the morning, even sleepy eyed. If available, the cup of coffee in many places beyond a hotel or restaurant is a deep black and yet reflecting where you are. On the tongue, this coffee is a blend of spices aggregated so that one flavor does not compete to be the strong named taste.  Much like peering into the cup, you see black and then move the cup and you will the ceiling, the trees, the very attenuated blue of the sky. And yes, I have been drinking these black and sometimes with some raw sugar.

A 94 year man I pass by ~on the way to my jaunts around the neighborhood. He was an accountant

for 30+ years.

Salvador del Mundo

One of my rides: yes, estoy perdido....I was lost many times and had to re-find my way.

No justice for gum ball machines.

Making a marinade in the restaurant.

Jimenes helped with an allen wrench that must be sitting on the couch, under the couch, or on the other bike at home...

La Playa Tunco

Bodies in the waves and stones on the beach.

the start of a Salvador poem.

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