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Gorge Ride 2018

Day started with dark northerly skies and a good 10 mile an our wind from the northwest ! Blue skies appeared, tree canopies ameliorated the wind effect. Sun rained on us...and then toward 230-300, thunder clapped, deep dark blue clouds appeared from the northeast and gave a deluge of water. I pulled up to the Discovery Center and affixed the bike to the car. The clouds dumped water on us as we made it to the Discovery center to receive our ice cream reward! Delicious Ride, delicious ice cream, and

 good news that we had near 380 riders.

This family seemed to handle this tethering really well. I cannot suggest this...too dangerous in my mind. The kids were super respectful and great riders always in line with the adult...I suggested that magnets be the better binding agents, not bungee cord hooks. Was thinking if one riders hit a rock or road divot, it could release easily.

Images by A. J. Zelada

Dark skies and pouring rain a'comin'

Cascade Locks : stopping for a root beer float

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