Humming Birds in Portland Oregon

Mar 26:  Still, the baby...no head feathers!

Mar 29 Head feather quills

Mar 29 Always feeding times, about every 15-20 min

Late afternoon

portrait of

Mom and Chick

Mar 31: real head of dreadlock quills !

The chick has her mother's eyes. The body feather's hint of green just beginning their tint.

Apr 02

I simply love what the camera sees (common theme throughout my life). The ghost visible of those beating wings landing with a bountiful stomach full of food for the waiting chicklet, open mouthed.

Feb 25 Nest and Two Chicks

Mar 25  Loss, Feeding  & Growing

Apr 02  New hair, Eyeing the world

Apr 07  Up, Up & Away

Photos by A. J. Zelada

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