Humming Birds in Portland Oregon

Mar 25  Loss, Feeding  & Growing

Eat, Eat, Eat, Please (Sir) I want some more. The every giving Mom

Apr 02  New hair, Eyeing the world

Apr 07  Up, Up & Away

April 02

Different light gives different reflectivity of the chin feathers.

Chicklet still wants more food (please)

The patient Mom


the Frenetic Chick

...what a fluff of movement !

Head styles changing from Apr 02 (left) to Apr 05 (right)

Apr 06 Last image on the nest !

See flight images below about 10 seconds after this last image.

Was standing on the ladder and the Chicklet just jumped out of the nest ! I followed it to its first Hop (I guess) to a lower branch of the Cedrus deodara (Himalayan Cedar or Deodar Cedar). Then expertly flew and landed with grace on couple of different branches in the sun.


I saw the hummer later in the afternoon in the under canopy of the Cedar tree about 25 feet above the Camilla bush nesting place.

Have no sighting since then. Hoping she/he is able to navigate to mites, sugar waters, fading Daphne blossoms...up, up, and away.


April 06, 2021.

Thumbs up and the soft empty nest.

Feb 25 Nest and Two Chicks

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Mar 25  Loss, Feeding  & Growing

Apr 02  New hair, Eyeing the world

Apr 07  Up, Up & Away

Photos by A. J. Zelada

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