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The Augusta Riverwalk is a trail system in and about the town. It follows the Savannah  River and crisscrosses / parallels the Augusta Canal.

A man in a tie and coat stopped his car in the road and the turtle crawled beneath the right passenger side front next to the tire. He was trying to extricate it. I said do you need some help?  He said I don't know what kind of turtle you all have from here, I am from Wisconsin and just moved here. Looking under the car, I said...you can back up without running it over. He got back in the air conditioned car and slowly backed up. The turtle matched his speed and was still under the shade of the car next to the wheel. I said, Speed up -it's matching your speed. So he did; I grabbed the turtle and put it on the grass strip. The turtle immediately jumped off the curb but I 'boxed' against the curb with my feet. The driver said thanks and drove off. I lifted the turtle back on to the grass but it still hopped back to the road and started crossing it again. Another fellow, blue shirt and hat and Georgia drawl stopped. He said, I loved turtles, I can take that back to the river. I agreed. Then he told me he had back problems and it was downhill after his forties. He was a plumber who had worked everywhere- big building in Atlanta. But he couldn't work no more and living from what you get from the government was nothing survive on. He took the turtle to his car. I wondered if his love of turtles included today's soup du jour?

The Butts Bridge above; he died on the Titanic.

Cycling for Transition and Transformation: hmmm ...total agreement.

This is the Augusta Light. Hot pouring down sun, but the clouds roll in and trap that humidity that drenches the fabric next to your skin. And gently filters the soft light and smooths the shadows of old sol 8 million miles away.

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